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Ares latest version, Destiny, is the fastest file sharing program on the planet. Ares is not filled with viruses or spyware like other p2p file sharing programs. You can download any type of digital file with Ares. Download your favorite songs, movies, games, screensavers, and software programs, all for free with the latest and fastest version of Ares.

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Ares Plus screenshot

Ares Plus 2.7.3

Find, download and share files faster

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2013-06-28 20:15:29
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Ares Mod 2.6.6

Share files and see what speed is all about

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2014-03-04 14:09:24
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Ares Galaxy 2.0.9

Ares p2p spyware-free filesharing program.

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2005-03-03 10:12:27
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Ares Gold 3.0

Ares Gold is a free file sharing program.

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Ares Galaxy P2P Plus 1.8.8

P2P client for Ares Galaxy file sharing.

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2005-12-28 15:40:48